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Los Angeles, California

New construction of two 3-story, 2,900 sf houses in a single lot . Each house provides the tenants with 8 bedrooms + 8 ensuite bathrooms and common LDK space for each house. Each co-living unit has 1 car garage and 1 shared surface parking space.  The building design started from 2 simple and economical boxes with rhythmic window apertures accented with metal canopies. The building faces looking at each other has richer facade expression to represent small town scale to the residents. Project to be completed in mid-2023.

street view_front & rear building
window canopy details
view from neighbor garden
kitchen view_front building
front building courtyard view
kitchen view_front building
living and dining area_front building
front building facade facing the court yard
rear building facade facing the court yard
H title bar 2.jpg

project architect: DK design workshop
field design control, CA: DK design workshop
structure engineer: Basis engineering
electrical engineer: M & S electrical engineering
mechanical engineer: JT engineering

construction: GL construction group
photograph: DK design workshop


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