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Compton, California

Office addition in an existing warehouse building shell in the city of Compton. Continuous expansion of the office spaces within a warehouse shell sometimes creates a work environment that lacks natural light and delivers a maze-like spatial experience. The green pocket between the office and the warehouse enhances the work environment by using an artificial vertical landscape as a location indicator or landmark point. The green pocket provides bright space in a deep location of the warehouse, with natural light pouring from the existing skylight right above the green pocket.

warehouse interior view looking office wall and green pocket
vertical landscape with artificial plants
green pocket views to office spaces
skylight above the green pocket
green pocket
workers in warehouse
looking green pocket from employee lounge
office space under existing warehouse shell
green pocket view from break room


project architect: DK design workshop

landscape design: Studio 153

structure engineer: Ocean Engineering

construction: Orum construction group

green wall fabrication: Orum construction group + DK design workshop

photograph: Lawrence Vaughan Griffin, DK design workshop

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